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4, rue diderot
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Angus et Bacchus

Meat bar | Montpellier

Opening October 12

Let your fibrecarnivore in a unique place in Montpellier.

At home, the ox is the Star!

Maturéou not, it comes in coast, net, steak, ... and other morceauxchoisis picanha. Served with sauce and accompaniment choice, it is always tender etsavoureux car born of the most prestigious races.

BlondeGalice, Aberdeen Angus, Aubrac, Salers, we selected them for leursqualités taste and their traditional farming method.

Lesanti bull can always console himself with lamb or cochonfermier countries (see a fish for fish-eating).

Andfor dignity water these exceptional meats, a selection of wines issusdes best areas of Languedoc.

Sansoublier our "100% local" inputs and desserts "faitsmaison" to taste without moderation.

You begin to salivate ... This is normal!

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